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Workload Monitoring and Athlete Management Workshop

Course outline:

Day 1, May 5th 2019:

  1. A Best Practice Approach to Training Monitoring
  2. Monitoring with Minimal Resources (Interactive session)
  3. Practical Workload Monitoring (Practical session – need laptops/tablets)
  4. Training Smarter and Harder
  5. Individualizing the Training Process (Interactive session)
  6. Building Robust Athletes

Day 2, May 6th 2019:

  1. What is “Load Management” Really About? (also relevant to skill coaches)
  2. Developing Load Capacity in Adolescent Athletes (Group problem solving session)
  3. Load Monitoring – It’s Not “All About the Ratio!”
  4. Return to Competition (Group problem solving session)
  5. Making a Difference in High Performance Sport
  6. Open Forum and Discussion

* Day 1 is designed as an introductory level course for those interested in gaining exposure to training load research and developing a basic understanding of athlete monitoring and appropriately-staged training programs.

* Day 2 is designed for intermediate to advanced level practitioners who have either (a) completed the introductory level Workload Monitoring and Athlete Management course or (b) wish to extend their critical thinking skills and learn how to translate the research-to-practice.

* The start of Day 2 will provide practitioners the opportunity to discuss the concepts around load management, and what it means for their practice. This shortsession is also ideally suited for skill coaches.

Tim Gabbett holds the course and you can read about him and his work here: http://gabbettperformance.com.au/profile/

For who?
This course is aimed at all those who work with athletes and training, but especially for those who want to optimize performance and reduce sports injuries. E.g. trainers, physiotherapists, naprapaths, chiropractors, doctors, personal trainers, massagers and others.

Denna kurs vänder sig till alla som arbetar med idrottare och träning men framförallt till er som vill optimera prestationen och minska idrottsskador. Tränare, fystränare, fysioterapeuter, naprapater, kiropraktorer, läkare, personliga tränare, massörer med flera.

Pris för 1 dag 2500 SEK exkl. moms. För två dagar 4500 SEK exkl. moms. (Studentpris: för 1 dag 1500 kr exkl. moms. För två dagar 2500kr exkl. moms). Skriv i anmälan om du vill gå Dag 1 eller Dag 2 eller båda. Priserna justeras vid fakturering utefter vad som angivits i anmälan.

Senaste gången gången Tim Gabbett höll denna kurs blev den slutsåld 4 månader före kursstart så vänta inte med att anmäla dig!

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Workload Monitoring and Athlete Management Workshop

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